"I'm not raising a child, I'm mentoring a human".


Hi there,  my name is Typhanie and I am owner and operator of Mentoring Tiny Human's. I created Mentoring Tiny Human's after becoming a mom and realized the need for educational and enriching events for children that go beyond a mom group, play date, or the classroom. I wanted to create unique events that were welcoming, educational, all-inclusive, and promoted family and caregiver bonding and memory making. 


This was especially important as my child aged and I began navigating the world of "special needs" and neuro-diversity within my own family. I soon realized that while there were resources out there, there was none specifically promoting the importance of caregiver bonding, cultural diversity, and need for a truly welcoming environment where all children of ALL abilities and their parents/caregivers felt comfortable to learn, grow, and be themselves without the fear of judgement.

Mentoring Tiny Human's is based on my personal philosophy that I am not raising a child, but mentoring a human. My responsibilities as a parent are to help my own tiny human navigate and understand the world around him as he learns to become his own person.  

I have over 20 years of experience working directly with children and currently hold a degree in communications and cultural studies. I also own All for Aiden Creations, a crafting company that offers Take and Make crafts (such as the ones we do at enrichment events) and themed crafts for children and adults. I am also studying for my masters in counseling. I also manage a career  in journalism and media relations and marketing.