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Hi there, my name is Typhanie and I am owner and operator of Mentoring Tiny Humans. I created Mentoring Tiny Humans over 7 years ago after becoming a mom and realized the need for educational and enriching events for children that go beyond a mom group, play date, or the classroom. I wanted to create unique and affordable events that were welcoming, educational, all-inclusive, and promoted family and caregiver bonding and memory making.


This was especially important as a single parent and neuro-diverse family. I soon realized that while there were resources out there, there was none specifically promoting  or supporting the importance of caregiver bonding, socialization, cultural diversity (including the special needs community), and need for a truly welcoming environment where all children of ALL abilities and their parents/caregivers felt comfortable to learn, grow, and be themselves without the fear of judgement. 

As my tiny human has grown and entered school, so have our events! As a homeschooling mom, I hope to provide a co-op feel and co-op prices, without the extra effort from caregivers.  This includes enrichment events and classes and educational tours and field trips, board game days, homeschool days, crafts, Tiny Science Experiment days, and lesson plans to accompany all we do. 

Each class takes a multifaceted, hands-on, and multi-sensory approach with intention and consideration to provide a supportive, autonomous, empathetic, child-led, and inclusive learning environment for all students, especially the autistic and neurodiverse community. 

Students are encouraged to explore their unique learning styles through play-based education with opportunities to work on self regulation and communication (in whatever form), interpersonal skills such as empathy, emotional awareness, self and situational awareness, self advocacy and boundary setting in a safe and understanding environment. 

We have grown so much and I take pride in the community partners I work with to offer unique events that are one of a kind to us because of the relationships I’ve built.

Additionally, I work hand-in-hand with many of our local libraries specifically the Canyon Lake library to offer monthly events, giveaways, and we are working hard to create a unique sensory space and provide activities specifically for the special needs community.

This includes providing a sensory space and fidgets and information about the facility, or event in order for you and your family to make the best decision ahead of time if it will work for you. 

Or collaborating ahead of time to ensure that whatever accommodations or supports need to be made can be done so ahead of time so day of you or your tiny human don’t have to worry about standing out or not fully participating because of said needs and can just have fun.

I really strive to make it an all inclusive group and feel and while I am familiar with autism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, and a few other acronyms, I am not well-versed in all of the different supports needed for all of the different types of families so feel free to reach out with any specific needs or questions.

As a third generation tie dyer, I also offer tie dye workshops, clothing, and supplies for all ages, birthday parties, homeschool groups, schools, and business. I use only professional (and proprietary) fiber reactive dyes which means the colors won't fade after washing! I can come to you or pick up a kit to do it yourself at home or with your group.

Additionally, check out our store! I offer take and make crafts, fidgets and sensory bins, and tie dye clothing, supplies, and accessories in our shop. Sales from my shop help to fund our free and low cost events throughout the Temecula Valley. 

Mentoring Tiny Humans is based on my personal parenting philosophy that I am not raising a child, but mentoring a human. My responsibilities as a parent are to help my own tiny human navigate and understand the world around him in an autonomous way as he learns to become his own person. 

I have over 20 years of experience working directly with children in various ways including at educational facilities, immediate trauma education as a volunteer Trauma Interventions with Trauma Intervention Programs,  and currently hold a degree in communications and cultural studies with education in Counseling studies.  

"Communication is a conversation" Typhanie Sharfner


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