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Mentoring Tiny Humans Joins Forces with Blaze Pizza Menifee for Exclusive Educational Tours, Family Nights and Homeschooling Days, and Community Outreach Events

Mentoring Tiny Humans is thrilled to announce a blazing hot partnership with Blaze Pizza to offer an array of exclusive monthly educational events and activities for all ages and abilities that promises to bake even more joy, learning, and community spirit into your lives.

young dark haired child ordering pizza from Blaze Pizza team member

Blaze Pizza is an exceptional leader when it comes to allergen awareness, consideration, and work diligently to avoid allergens and cater to dietary preferences. They, and especially our Menifee location, is near and dear to us as we are a neurodiverse family; some of our immediate family members have specific allergies, eating preferences, OCD. Not only are they safe, they are considerate and don’t make one feel as though those needs or desires are an inconvenience. For this and so many more reason, they are the only pizza establishment we go to and a big reason why this partnership is so delicious!

I can personally attest to their attentiveness  and how seriously they take preferences and especially allergies. They offer cauliflower crust, gluten free crust, and vegan cheese and keep sauces and other items completely separate, far from each other, put on new gloves for those with allergies, and bake away from other items. Furthermore, they are very receptive to creating an order that caters to your individual preferences and dietary needs.

Recently, my son has needed more verbal and visual confirmation as he navigates intrusive and irrational thoughts that stem from OCD. As such, the management and staff have made a point to confirm his level of needs before his order and up to an almost exaggerated visual showcase of each step. This is always done efficiently but without feeling rushed, disabled, an inconvenience because this is always standard operating procedure.

They also have an allergen wizard on their website that clearly lays out the items that are available to those dietary needs and preferences. Check it out here.

Not only are they supported of my family’s needs, but are always quick to help support any and all the community outreach and support of local non-profit organizations Mentoring Tiny Humans provides. This includes our annual egg hunts, library play days, board game days, sensory spaces, partnership with Neighborhood Forest and educational and other community outreach programs.

Check out our list of upcoming events with Blaze Pizza by clicking here.

Flyer announcing tours with Mentoring Tiny Humans and Blaze Pizza

Tours are just the beginning! We have a lineup of exciting events planned. From themed nights to workshops, we are dedicated to creating memorable experiences for you and your tiny humans.

  • Exclusive Tours: Explore the behind-the-scenes magic of Blaze Pizza Menifee with exclusive private tours. Learn about the art of pizza-making and experience the kitchen where delicious creations come to life.

  • Events and Game Nights: Get ready for a series of exciting events and game nights designed to bring families and friends together. Enjoy fun-filled events of games, laughter, and delicious food.

  • Homeschool Meetup Days: We understand the importance of community, especially for homeschooling families. Join us for dedicated meetup days where homeschoolers can connect, share experiences, and enjoy educational activities.

  • Exclusive Discounts: Mentoring Tiny Humans participants will enjoy exclusive discounts at Blaze Pizza Menifee with participating events. Indulge in your favorite pizza creations at a special rate

  • Community Outreach Opportunities: At Mentoring Tiny Humans, we believe in giving back. Partnering with Blaze Pizza Menifee allows us to create meaningful community outreach opportunities. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of those around us.

To make sure you don't miss out on any of the action, follow Mentoring Tiny Humans and Blaze Pizza on social media and sign up for our updates. Keep an eye out for invitations to exclusive events and opportunities to engage with our community.

We are incredibly excited about this collaboration and the positive impact it will have on for our community. Thank you for being a valued part of all we do and we can't wait to share these amazing experiences with you!

Limited space is available. Registration must be done through our website. Store locations cannot register you.

To register your homeschooling group, class, pod, or co-op. Please reach out to Typhanie at

Mentoring Tiny Humans Accommodations/Sensory Considerations

Events and tours are specifically curated by Mentoring Tiny Humans to be inclusive, neuro-affirming, and for all developmental ages and all abilities and includes:

✅ Dedicated sensory space

✅No loud music

✅ Front loading of activities

✅ No required or dedicated time for introduction for participants.

✅ Minimal or no greetings that allow for all preferences and needs; you don’t have to say hi, shake hands, or engage in eye contact.

✅ Safe Space with no expectations- sit in a group, with friends, family, or separately. Stay as long as you like, or as little as you need. There is no need for goodbye greetings or stereotypical decorum, if your child is overloaded or overstimulated, we can connect another time. If needed, please bring and utilize tools and supports that can help your tiny human and family get through the events.

For more information or accommodation questions please email Typhanie at



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