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Mentoring Tiny Humans Partners with Neighborhood Forest to Provide Students With Free Trees

Mentoring Tiny Humans is celebrating Earth Day (and Neighborhood Forest Day, April 26 and Arbor Day April 28) by partnering with Neighborhood Forest, a non-profit organization that aims “to give every child the priceless joy of planting and watching trees grow,” according to their website.

“By doing so, we will beautify our neighborhoods, put a significant dent in our carbon footprint, and help instill in the hearts of our little ones a sense of magic, wonder, and love for our planet.”

We couldn't agree more and are taking the week to celebrate by giving away a free tree to all of our students!

If you know my tiny human, you know how much he loves all things Earth and landforms (not to be confused with nature). He has begun to really showcase environmental responsibility and we will be taking the week in our homeschooling studies to reflect on our impact on the planet and take steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

So, when we were presented with the opportunity to work with Neighborhood Forest, we couldn't pass it up! This year we only have until March 17th to sign up for a free tree, however, my belief is that "any tree planted is better than none", and they agreed!

Can I tell you a surprise? My goal is to get 100 trees to 100 students, and I would love your help. I think we can do it!

To receive your free tree, simply follow our dedicated link and follow the instructions

on how to claim your tree (6-12 inches in size), and pick it up during our Earth Day celebration week.

We will have several pick-up opportunities at our events or at our Homeschool Hub, Menifee, Canyon Lake, or French Valley.

The exact species will be revealed in early April. Expect trees to arrive on or around April 22. More details announced as we get them.

Reserve your tree here:

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