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Mentoring Tiny Humans Welcomes Art Classes Back to Menifee

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

We are so excited to welcome art classes with Ms. Reshma from One World Many Views BACK to our Homeschool Hub in Menifee with TWO classes beginning January 11, 2024!

Mentoring Tiny Humans strives to create unique learning opportunities in a neuro-affirming environment that goes beyond traditional learning and thrives on inclusivity and acceptance! We provide a safe space that fosters growth and self-expression where every child's uniqueness is not just celebrated but embraced.

To that end, we will have a a 9 AM class geared toward the older crowd and/or those who are able to focus and concentrate for longer periods of time on those more intricate pieces of art. For students familiar with Ms. Reshma, this is her Grade 4-12 class.

Also, a 10:15 AM class for mixed ages that are a great for those, like my tiny human, who are more active. Additionally, if your tiny human requires a bit of redirection, or may require.a bit more hand-on collaboration, this would be the class for them (we even have options for those who may need more parent involvement)! For students familiar with Ms. Reshma, this is her mixed ages class starting at the Kindergarten level.

Reshma Solbach, M.F.A. has over 15 years of experience teaching in the valley and is my tiny human's favorite class and teacher (and I am one of them LOL).

Even in the little time he has been taking her classes, he has learned so much more than how to create beautiful artwork. As someone who struggles with all the complexities of writing, I have seen so much progress in his muscle memory and strength, improved ability to focus, and increased confidence, and therefore willingness, to tackle his writing and Language Arts studies.

Ms. Reshma creates a beautiful and magical environment where confidence can grow and I can’t wait to have her back to share her classes with us!

Students will learn all the elements in art, like texture, line, shading, perspective, and blending, through various mediums such as acrylics, watercolors, pastels inks, colored pencils, collage, and printmaking.

She is already a registered vendor with many of the charter schools,

including MVA, PCA, CPA, Sage Oak, River springs , Elite, Excel, Sky mountain , Suncoast , Granite mountain, and Springs Charter, and registration can be done immediately.

Classes will be held on Thursdays beginning January 11, 2024 in Menifee and last 12 semester weeks. Email  MENTORINGTINYHUMANS@GMAIL.COM to ensure your we have your learner reserved for our location or, for more information and registration steps. We must have a 10 person minimum to proceed with each class time. If not met, we will have the option to combine into one class.

Check out our full class schedule below:


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