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Beloved Head Librarian Departs, Leaves Legacy of Growth and Innovation

The Canyon Lake Library bids a heartfelt farewell to its esteemed branch manager, Kim Pike. With bittersweet well wishes, the library community expresses their gratitude for Pike's remarkable contributions.

In her year and a half as Head Librarian, Pike has played a pivotal role in moving the library forward into a thriving hub of knowledge and inspiration. Her experience, visionary leadership, and unwavering dedication will continue to leave their mark on the library and patrons as well.

“I have been partnering with the library for about 7 years and witnessed the library truly flourish with Ms. Kim at the helm,” said Typhanie Sharfner, owner of Mentoring Tiny Humans and event coordinator for the Library. “Our goals, visions, and sometimes just straight delusions of grandeur align and have allowed us to create some amazing and unique community events that I know I couldn't have done elsewhere”.

This includes giveaways, book signings, park days, and partnerships with local businesses and organizations.

Their most recent partnership included an Earth Day celebration including free pomegranate trees for child patrons, flower bombs, crafts, and a certified arborist on hand for one on one instruction.

“Sometimes we come up with this big idea; our ‘perfect world’ scenarios”, said Sharfner. “Then we see what sticks and work backward from there. Sometimes we accomplish all our goals, and sometimes we have to adjust to reality, but it's never a ‘no’ but a ‘let’s try’”.

“Ms. Kim has given not only me, but library staff, and patrons a safe space to be themselves, explore their unique interests, and try new things”.

“She has been so wonderful to work with, adding fun and variety to the library. She is always so warm and welcoming and always has a smile like sunshine on her face,” said long-time library assistant Luisa Zuccola.

Under Pike’s leadership, the library experienced remarkable progress, spearheading innovative initiatives that propelled it into the digital age, expanding community outreach programs, and ensuring that it remains a relevant and accessible resource for all while preserving its literary heritage.

She introduced new programs such as book clubs for all ages, sewing, writing clubs, and the new incarnation of Play Day, many of which will continue on as permanent events.

As a Dungeon Master, she personally led the Dungeons and Dragons club, and with her expertise in biological anthropology and genealogy, helped many patrons explore their roots.

Additionally, in partnership with Mentoring Tiny Humans, the Canyon Lake Library is the first in the immediate area that provides a Calming Corner. A dedicated sensory space that includes fidgets, sensory board, chair, weighted blanket, ear defenders, and more for those who need alternative ways to enjoy the library.

As the library community prepares to bid farewell to Pike, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for her exceptional work, commitment, and invaluable contributions. Her departure is undoubtedly a loss for our library, as we only began to scratch the surface of possibilities, but we also celebrate the exciting new chapter she is embarking upon.


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