Paper Plate Pollination Craft for Kindergarten

Updated: Feb 28

As many of you know, we are avid crafters in our household and we are always looking for fun and easy crafts to accompany our current interests. Kid's learn through play and having something tangible to work on helps bring concepts t

o life.

Recently, we have been learning about gardening, plants, and pollination so we were excited to read "Catterfly Grows a Garden", the second book in the Catterfly series by Alma Hammond.

Written by one of our favorite independent authors, all of her books feature an educational aspect that even the earliest of readers can grasp. Full of beautiful illustrations, each book contains a glossary, additional activity pages and ideas, and additional fun facts for more in depth knowledge and older readers.

We especially love her Catterfly series and it just so happens the main character looks an awfully lot like our companion cat Calex!

In "Catterfly Grows a Garden", Catterfly has emerged from their cocoon and become a beautiful Catterfly, and soon learns the purpose of pollinating flowers. We loved as Catterfly zoomed from flower to flower and my tiny human and I wanted to get in on the fun.

Adapted from a few of our Pinterest finds, including this one, and what we had on hand, we created an adorable multi-sensory pollination craft complete with our own movable Catterfly!

Here on the steps to complete your very own. Use the supplies listed, or the the alternatives suggested. Don't worry if you don't have all the supplies listed, part of the fun is helping your child use their imagination to come up their own unique creations.


Paper plate or large piece of cardstock

Small piece of cardstock

Tissue paper, pom poms, or crayons

Posicle stick



Construction paper



1. Cut slit on paper plate or large piece of cardstock near where you would like the bottom to be. Make sure to cut a slit big enough to accomodate your popsicle stick.

2. Use colored construction paper or crayons to create the flower stems.

3. Make the petals of the flower with tissue paper, pom poms, crayons, or construction paper. We tried a few different methods to see what we liked the best.

The pom poms were the easiest for my 5 year old to manage, and I think the cutest. However, they do stick out the farthest which can be hard to manuver your Catterfly. We also tried tissue paper to overlap. These were the easiest to stick. We also rolled up the tissue paper for a more textured effect. Another idea would be to use paper cupcake liners for the flower petals or use paint and fingerprints to create them. GET CREATIVE!

4. Use a small piece of cardstock or construction paper to cut out the shape of your Catterfly and decorate. Don't forget to leave a tip on one side for you butterfly to reach down deep! It was helpful for us to fold in half and draw out our butterfly. This was a great reminder of symmetry!

5. Once decorated, use a small piece of tape to attach your popsicle stick to the inner side of one side of your catterfly.

6. Insert your new catterfly into the slit to animate your catterfly. It was helpful to go from the top of the slit down as not to bend our catterfly. Voila! You now have your very own pollinating catterfly!

We also decided to decorate our paper plate with a sun, feel free to add your own scenery. We cant wait to see how you add your own spin. Tell us in the comments and share your own creations to our Facebook page.

To purchase or download your own copy of Catterfly Grows a Garden, click here.

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